Latest Official Statement



Good Afternoon Northern Humboldt Families: 

You likely are aware that Humboldt County will be in a state of Shelter in Place effective midnight tonight.  There are no new confirmed cases of Covid-19; this is a precautionary move meant to limit the transmission of the coronavirus.  A copy of the Shelter in Place order and a list of frequently asked questions can be found on our website under the Coronavirus section. 

I want to let you know what that means for our District.

Our schools will be closed to the public with the exception of essential services.   Information regarding virtual learning will come out tomorrow including an explanation of what expectations will be for students. 

Meal services will continue and we are working with our associate schools to ensure that all of our students are being fed; either at one of our sites or that of an associate school.  

If your child has not been able to access a meal please call the District Office at 839-6484.

Your Principal will be reaching out via telephone and email to share details for families who have reported that they need a Chromebook and/or internet connection.  We have ordered wifi hotspots for those that do not have internet. Please email me if you are in need of either a device or internet and do not believe that your school is aware of that need.

I should also mention that we are extending our closure through April 20, following our Spring Break.  This puts us in line with our associate schools. It is too early to make a decision regarding extending the length of our school closure further.   I also believe that it is certainly too early to cancel graduation.  

Let’s together use this Shelter in Place as an opportunity to be creative with our learning and perhaps get a little more time together with our families.

Northern Humboldt students and parents,


I am emailing an update with what you should expect over the next few weeks.  We are expecting updated guidance from Governor Newsom and I will email again tomorrow with any updates.  



Please check our website for information on breakfast and lunch options in our area.  Meals may be picked up at McKinleyville and Arcata High School cafeterias from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.  Our local elementary school districts have food pick up options if that is more convenient.


Student locker access

Students may come on campus this Wednesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to get any materials that they need from their locker.  When on campus we ask that students practice social distancing and do not linger.


Online curriculum for enrichment work

We know that you have questions regarding what school will look like during the next few weeks and likely beyond.  We also know that you are anxious about getting your work done to keep up with your coursework. Our intent is to provide a curriculum for you that will be engaging and enriching as we weather this health crisis together. This week teachers are working together to plan for online instruction which will begin on Monday, March 23.  


Internet and wifi access

We know that not all students are able to access an online curriculum.  Last week we started compiling data to determine which students have access to a device and / or wifi at home.  Once we have completed our audit of which students need a device we will distribute them to borrow during the school closure.  We are also researching options for wifi for students that do not have access. In the event that a student can not access curriculum virtually our staff will prepare enrichment work for students to do at home.


Please see the bullet points below for specific information. 

  • No work is expected to be completed from students the week of March 16-20

  • By Friday, March 20, each of your teachers will reach out to you via email and/or google classroom to convey the general plan for your class the next two weeks

  • Please plan on checking your NOHUM email daily!  

  • Please be flexible and patient with yourself, technology and your teachers - this is a learning experience for everyone

  • No one is expecting students to complete the same workload during this time - you can take some pressure of yourself but we ask that you interact with your teachers online during the closure

  • Athletics and extra - curricular actives are suspended during the closure for us and for all other schools that are closed.

  • Please remember to take care of yourself and your family first! 

  • Practice social distancing and stay at home during this time

  • If you have questions, please contact your site principal or email me


More information will be coming to you this week including information on how students who are particularly struggling with the isolation and stress can reach someone to talk to during this closure.

Please email if you have questions and have a fantastic evening,


Roger Macdonald