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Schoolmaster Gradebook Procedures

Schoolmaster is the District Student Information System. The main component utilized by teachers or their ADULT designees is the Gradebook application. The Gradebook application can serve many purposes: Taking Attendance, Maintaining Assignment Records (score, weighting, grouping, grading policy, date, etc.), Creating Calculations (end of Term Grades, 2 week Progress Reports, etc.), Posting Grades (and optionally Comments) to the student Report Card, Posting Grade Reports to the Parent Access Secure System (PASS), and Reporting Score or Grade Distributions and statistics. You are free to utilize other Gradebook applications, however, there are typically site requirements for Posting to PASS. PASS is only one means of communicating Progress to Parents and Students, please do NOT rely solely upon PASS. If a student is struggling or in danger of failing your class, please consider augmenting PASS with a phone call or parent conference.