Student Meals

Northern Humboldt will be serving meals on Mondays* and Thursday from 11-1 pm starting August 24th.  All meals will be served from the multi-purpose rooms at Arcata and McKinleyville High Schools. 
*When Monday is a holiday, meals will be served on Tuesday.
Please contact Carrie Nickols at 707-839-6484 or if transportation to pick up meals is an issue for your family.

Alternative Household Income Form Process

  1. Parent/guardian initiates the from Alternative Household Income Form which is posted on the site and district websites.
    1. Parent/guardian completes the form with a signature and date
    2. Parent/guardian chooses the NSLP secretary who receives an email
    3. Food Service Coordinator receives an email too.
  2. NSLP Secretary prints the signed form
    1. Enters the meal status in Synergy using the date that the parent/guardian signed the form
    2. Makes a copy of the form for the District Office
    3. Files the original form in the site Food Service binder under one of the following
      1. Alt Income Free
      2. Alt Income Reduced
      3. Alt Income Denied 
    4. At the end of the month, sends the stack of documents to the Food Service Coordinator at the District Office
  3. Food Service Coordinator at the District Office
    1. Files the Alt Income forms in the appropriate sections of the district Food Service binder

Note:  Staff may complete an alternative household income form on behalf of a student’s household by collecting the required information over the telephone provided the LEA documents 1) the date, time, and name of the student’s adult household member spoken to, and 2) the date, time, name, and signature of the LEA staff member collecting the information.   Staff will write this information on the form as documentation.