2023-24 Bell Schedule

Attached is our new bell schedule for the 2023 - 2024 academic school year.  I want to thank our teachers and administrative teams for their efforts as we collaborated to develop a bell schedule that serves the needs of our Northern Humboldt community.

Over the course of the last few years we have received a lot of feedback from our community.  Several times we have asked for parent and student feedback in many forms and each time we received comments and had conversations that were focused around the bell schedule.   The feedback overwhelmingly has been that the blocks from the last few years have been too long.  With that in mind, we have done the work with our faculty and staff to improve upon our schedule.

In terms of the schedule itself, we kept the same start and end times along with the same shortened day for collaboration and professional development on Mondays.  We wanted to keep things consistent for after school care, and extracurricular activities, including athletics and transportation.  The changes are to the two days of 6 periods on Monday and Friday and then rotating blocks Tuesday - Thursday.  


This schedule represents our best thinking after multiple rounds of feedback.   I know it will initially look awkward when you see the rotation of blocks; this is going to take some getting used to at first, but we strongly believe that it is best for teaching and learning. We needed to make adjustments to accommodate part-time teachers and a few programs that are “time of the day” dependent.  


Your principals will send out more communication next week,and we will also be in contact with the families of our incoming 9th graders..   I hope you have a wonderful summer and get some much needed time to do something enjoyable! 

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Roger Macdonald