General Information

NHUHSD now has a new personalized online Employee Portal for school employees (ESCAPE).  This system will allow you to view and download a copy of your pay stubs, W2, credentials, and modify your W4 information, emergency contact info, and mailing address! 


Please note that due to this new system going “live” on July 1, 2021, the historical documents available only go back to that date.  Please note that you may see some "Alerts" regarding expired or missing information.  You can ignore those.  Those items were not brought over from the old system.  If Jamie Kester has not contacted you for the missing/expired item, you do not need to do anything additional.

Please see attached instructions and link to log in below to create your portal.


Also, FYI the attached PDF doesn’t include how to change your W4 or Demographic info,  so here is a video that outlines the process.


If you have further questions, please contact Jamie Kester ([email protected]).