The Northern Humboldt Union High School District is comprised of two four-year high schools, Arcata High and McKinleyville High; two small continuation high schools, Pacific Coast High and Mad River High; and one charter school, Six Rivers Charter High. The district sits on the traditional homelands of the Wiyot people, who call the Arcata area Goudi’ni, which means over in the woods. 


Humboldt County, known for its beautiful redwoods, dramatic coastal landscape and an abundance of working artists, is located about 285 miles north of San Francisco and about 90 miles south of Oregon in Humboldt County.  The major industries include forest products, agriculture, fishing and tourism. The recently reinvented California Polytechnic University, Humboldt and College of the Redwoods contribute greatly to the cultural and educational opportunities of the county. CalPoly Humboldt is also a Hispanic Serving Institution. In addition, Humboldt County is home to several indigenous communities, including the two largest tribes in California, the Yurok tribe and Hoopa tribe. With a moderate coastal climate, good air quality and great recreational opportunities, Arcata and McKinleyville are truly a delightful place to live and work.  


There has been strong Board, community and faculty involvement and support for the District schools. The District’s goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in an information society: liberal arts and sciences, analytical thinking, real world problem solving, and use of technology; in a system that strives to create equitable outcomes for all students.