NHUHSD Independent Study

Full Time Independent Study Program serves all five campuses in the Northern Humboldt District.

Independent Study Policy Manual


2021-22 School Year

The State of California has determined that public education will have two options for learning 2021-22, either In Person or Independent Study.  Families can choose the option that best suits the student's needs.  In Person instruction at Northern Humboldt will be approximately six classes with highly qualified teachers for each separate subject area.  Students will be expected to come to campus daily, masked and follow any other health requirements as they change throughout the year.  A student in the Independent Study program will have one credentialed teacher who facilitates learning in an online environment for all subject areas.  Students will be expected to meet with their teacher in person or via video conference for one hour per week if they complete their assignments.  More time may be required if they struggle to complete their work.  Daily participation in Independent Study courses will be required.  Families will be able to access the StudentVUE portal to see lack of attendance or participation while students are enrolled in the program.


Parents/guardians may request a pupil-parent-educator conference meeting by calling the school office prior to enrollment to help determine the best option for their student.  Or if families know they want their student to enroll in the Independent Study program and no conference is requested, they may contact their student's academic advisor to sign up for Independent Study courses.  A Master Agreement must be signed by the student, parent, teacher and administrator prior to the commencement of Independent Study.


To help the district staff both in person and Independent Study programs accordingly, please complete the following survey by Friday, August 13, 2021.  Please contact Suzie McCray if you have any questions regarding Independent Study at [email protected].