NHUHSD Food Services

We are serving breakfast 8:05-8:25 am for all students including IS & Distance Learners daily, and lunch: Mondays-12:25-1:05, and Tues-Friday1:05-1:45 for all students including IS & Distance Learners daily.
Also, students and parents can click on the Breakfast & Lunch calendars to see what is being served each week. It will be updated weekly.

The traditional National School Lunch Program (NSLP) form allows for students to qualify for more than just meals, which may provide the additional funding for students listed below. 

  • Academic Assistance
  • Learning Materials
  • Counseling
  • Technology Tools
  • Reduced Cost of College Applications

Click here to complete the form or if you do not have access to a device, you can pick up a hard copy form from your school's office.



Nutrition Break Meal

  • Full pay = $2.00
  • Adult = $3.00

Lunch Meal

  • Full pay = $3.50
  • Reduced = $0.40
  • Adult = $4.50

HDN Cattlemen

Fruit, vegetables, 1% white milk and fat free chocolate milk offered daily.

All menu items are subject to change.

Pay for your meals in advance!

Meal Payment Policy


Are you interested in participating in the Wellness Committee to help update the School Wellness Plan?  Contact Suzie McCray at 707-839-6492.