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Volunteer Checklist

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!
Your participation is greatly appreciated, we could not do it without you! There are a few steps that need to be completed so that we can meet the requirements of the state and ensure the safety of our students. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
First of all: Volunteer forms are to be filled on an annual basis regardless of previous year’s volunteer service. Volunteer service includes coaching, classroom assistance, chaperoning, driving, housing athletes/foreign students, etc. Please contact site personnel to indicate your interest in becoming a volunteer.
  • Either print out or pick up a volunteer form from the Principal’s Secretary at the high school office. Complete the form and return it to the Principal’s Secretary.
The form must be signed by the site principal verifying that he/she has met with the volunteer and approves the volunteer placement.
  • Once the form has been signed by the site principal, the prospective volunteer must bring the form to the Northern Humboldt Union High School District office which is located at 2755 McKinleyville Ave. McKinleyville, CA 95519.
  • Personnel at the district office will issue a fingerprint authorization form with instructions on where to get fingerprinted locally.  The volunteer will be responsible for any fees due at the time of fingerprinting (usually $20 to $25).
  • Return the original receipt and completed fingerprint form to the district office.  The district will reimburse the volunteer when the completed fingerprint form and an original receipt are returned to the office.


Please note that although you may have been fingerprinted at other Humboldt County schools, you must still be fingerprinted for Norther Humboldt Union High School District since fingerprint notifications are not transferable between districts.

The volunteer must provide the following:

  • Current proof of TB clearance.  If the volunteer doesn’t have a current TB clearance certificate, the district will provide information and an authorization to have the TB test provided at the County Health Department (at no charge to volunteer).

*Drivers are exempt from needing a TB clearance, unless they spend the night with the team.

  • Official photo identification (California ID card or California Driver’s License).
  • For volunteers who are driving students, you need to have a DMV INF1125 driving record to turn in to the Bus Garage when you have your vehicle inspected.

Inspections require an appointment with a 72 hour notice.  A DMV INF1125 must be received even if you are driving a district vehicle.  Please call (707) 825-2434 to schedule your inspection.

Once all information (form, fingerprints, TB test and ID verification) is completed and the district has received fingerprint clearance from the California Department of Justice, district office personnel will notify the high school office (or appropriate site personnel) that the volunteer is cleared to volunteer at the site.

Note: Under no circumstances shall a volunteer work with students in the NHUHSD until they have received clearance and authorization