Vision, Mission and Goals


The Vision of the Northern Humboldt Union High School District is:

Developing caring, engaged and adaptable individuals who embrace opportunities and are empowered to meet challenges in their future.


The Mission of the Northern Humboldt Union High School District is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive education in a safe, supportive environment, by:

  • Promoting a culture of academic excellence, innovation and creativity
  • Ensuring an outstanding, passionate staff committed to student achievement
  • Encouraging acceptance of and appreciation for diversity
  • Offering a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities for all students.


Goal 1: NHUHSD will provide inclusive, effective, engaging and rigorous academic instruction and support for all students.

Objective 1: Implement and continue differentiated instruction for all students as demonstrated in lesson plans and courses of study that are shared with colleagues via a shared lesson plan and courses of study online bank.

Objective 2: Form a common understanding of robust formative/summative assessments.

Goal 2: NHUHSD will provide inclusive social, emotional, and behavior instruction for all students

Objective 1: Build relational capacity while providing social/emotional supports and interventions throughout the campuses and within the classrooms.

Objective 2: Develop an inclusive school culture that includes norms and a restorative mindset when disciplining students that will improve attendance rates.

Goal 3: NHUHSD will integrate an educational framework that features inclusive policy and practice and fosters family and community engagement.

Objective 1: Build capacity of staff to use Improvement Science decision making practices to enhance the education provided to students.

Objective 2: Improve communication with staff, students and the community regarding events, accomplishments, and performance, via social media, email website presence

Objective 3: Review protocols developed for interventions and supports.

Goal 4: NHUHSD will continue to plan and execute Bond Measures Q and N projects in a fiscally responsible, practical manner.

Objective 1: Develop Master Plan for Bond Measures Q and N and related facility projects.

Objective 2: Maximize use of district facilities for all stakeholder groups.

Goal 5: NHUHSD will ensure long-term fiscal integrity and advocate for adequate educational funding.

Objective 1: Analyze trends in enrollment and develop strategies to attract and retain students to ensure balanced budget and sustainability of programs and services across the District.

Objective 2: Evaluate and improve attendance rates.

Objective 3: Look for grant funding to increase course offerings, student services and capital improvements.

Goal 6: NHUHSD will demonstrate environmental responsibility in its educational and operational activities.

Objective 1: Explore funding opportunities for energy efficiency projects; including them whenever possible in all District construction.

Objective 2: District will engage staff and students to develop and implement projects related to reducing solid waste and energy consumption across our District.