District Transfer FAQ

Who needs an Interdistrict Transfer (IDT)?

If you reside outside the boundaries of the school district that you would like your student to attend, you will need to complete an IDT.

Is it true my student does not need an IDT to attend a charter school?

Yes, charter schools do not require students to complete an IDT.

Where can I obtain the IDT form?

You can obtain the form from your District of Residence (DOR) or District of Attendance (DOA) via email, mail, fax, district website, or by stopping in to the school or district office.

When do I need to have an IDT form turned in to be considered for the following school year?

The IDT form must be first submitted to the DOR. The application window opens on December 1st with a deadline to apply ending on February 1st at 4:00 pm.

What happens if I miss the February 1st deadline?

A IDT will still be considered if: a parent/guardian did not reside in Humboldt County school districts’ boundaries prior to February 1; parent/guardian has a reasonable argument and a compelling reason, including hardship, such as medical conflicts, work schedule, child care, transportation, language barriers, for why the February 1 deadline was not met, or why the circumstance did not warrant a request for a IDT prior to February 1; parent/guardian has a reasonable explanation for not being able to participate
in the DOR Reasonable Enrollment Activity.

What happens after I submit the IDT form to the DOR?

The DOR may require parent/guardian to participate in “Reasonable Enrollment Activities.” This means you may be asked to participate in a orientation meeting, site visit, and/or review DOR informational literature.

When can I expect a decision on the IDT?

The DOR has 10 days after the February 1st deadline to approve/deny the request and forward to the DOA. The DOA will have an additional 5 days to approve or deny the request and notify you of their decision.

Do I have to get an IDT approved/renewed yearly?

Starting with the 2018-19 school, IDT’s will only be granted on a year to year basis. Those who have an existing multi-year agreement in place prior to the 2018-19 school year will be honored.

Why would the DOR deny my student’s IDT?

A DOR may deny a request if the parent/guardian does not participate in Reasonable Enrollment Activities, absent good cause such as hardships due to medical conflicts, work schedule, child care, transportation, language barriers, etc. All other IDT request
received by the deadline will be approved unless a parent/guardian/guardian withdraws their request.

Why would the DOA deny my student’s IDT?

A DOA may deny a request if: they have reached their capacity in their school or programs; a student’s earlier request was revoked; student has been expelled from the DOR; or parent/guardian has no means to arrange for or provide transportation to and from school.

Do I have a right to appeal a denial?

Parent/guardians/guardians have a right to appeal to the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) when a district fails to approve a request. HCOE shall process appeals in accordance with California Education Code section 46601, terms of the
County-wide Interdistrct Attendance Agreement, HCOE Board Policies. A parent/guardian may also appeal if by March 15, they have not received a decision from either the DOR or DOA.

Can my student’s IDT be revoked?

Yes, any IDT may be revoked pursuant to policies at either the DOA or DOR. Neither a DOR nor DOA may revoke an IDT for a student in grades 11 or 12 for the subsequent school year. If a district does revoke an IDT, they will promptly provide written notice of the revocation to the other district and parent/guardian.

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Please contact the NHUHSD Superintendent’s Secretary at 707-839-6481 if you have any additional questions.